OMG! What have I done?

Buyer’s Remorse and other such Matters

  • Tried and tested old remedy. Allow sleep-over time. Consciously decide not to decide when you fee the urge. Some people never buy anything near supermarket checkout counters. If you really need something, make another trip exculsively for that. If there is no deep enough reason, you won’t go back. If there is a deepenough reason to buy something tagetting impulse buyers time for some serious interrospection. Talk to a friend. So take time off before any big decision.
  • Some people try to list pro and cons against each other. They brainstorm and consciously list why they should do something and why they should not. Initially teh list would be empty on one side. But couple this method with the first one. Do this exercise over a period of time. You will find more items on either side. Alternatively ask someone else to add to your list. Don’t talk to interested salespeople or politicians. They are trained to talk customers out of developing coldfeet or buyer’s remorse. They are interested in only one side.
  • Let us realise that this happens to all of us. And the experience may actually help us think and act smartly if we go through the process and learn. The key of course is the distasteful experience of failure. But taking constructive lessons from the failure is the right definition of useful experience.



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Pandiyan Vairamani

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